Look Mum – I Can Fly

When my eldest son was about 3, he stood at the top pf the stairs and said ‘Look Mum – I can fly’, thankfully he didn’t try jumping. Whilst Matthew couldn’t fly –


To keep everyone safe, please remember these essentials,

You must enter your name on the site calendar before you attend.

Only 10 members are allowed on the flight line / pits site at any time.  (To minimise the risks to members as far as possible, it is regretted that Guests are not permitted at this time.)

You must not come to site if you or any member of your household has symptoms of Covid-19. (ignoring this would be a serious breach of the rules and may result in disciplinary action)

Hygiene is vital and every effort must be made, using gloves/sanitizers, to avoid the risk of passing on the infection when opening/closing gates, setting the electric fence etc.

Please take a look at the Risk Assessment on our website to confirm your understanding of the Risks.

We hope to see you soon.