Club Night Fury


At the February club meeting Bob presented on his Hawker Biplane Fury.  The Fury was designed by Sidney Camm and entered service in 1931.  It was not only the most beautiful biplane ever built but the first to exceed 200 mph.  The model was built from the Chris Golds plan and is to 1/5 scale giving a wingspan of 72 inches.  The construction is mostly of soft balsa with ply where needed.  Power is provided by a Foxy motor and ESC from Puffin Models with 6 cell LiPo pack driving an 18×12 APC ‘E’ prop at 1430 watts – plenty for the 11 pounds all up weight.  Bob’s model is finished to represent the Fury of the leader of the 1 Squadron RAF display team in 1937.  The covering is Oracover silver and red with the distinctive metal panels in Oracover Chrome.  The roundels and lettering are from Pyramid Models.  To improve the scale illusion in flight a Powerbox three axis stabiliser is utilised to smooth out the bumps.  A sound system is fitted with audio recorded from a Rolls Royce Kestrel engine.  Bob demonstrated the  very loud start-up, throttling and shut-down sequences and the guns.  The model is ready to maiden when the weather is suitable.