50th Anniversary Celebration

50th Anniversary Celebration

Bath SpaRCS 50th Anniversary Celebration

Bath Spa Radio Control Society was formed in 1968 by a group of flyers who were formerly members of the Bath Model Aircraft Club. First flying at a site in Lansdown the club later moved to Charmy Down airfield with Club meetings being held in the old Control Tower.

2018 is the 50th Anniversary of the club and it was a pleasure to invite current and former members to a flying celebration at Charmy Down on Saturday 4th August.

With a summer so far of exceptional weather the 4th August was no exception, however an unfortunate north westerly wind did require us to re-locate the pits from the normal place, with landing being either over or around the trees at the south easterly side of the field.

With flying planned from 2pm, keen and enthusiastic flyers started arriving from late morning. Whilst a theme of models representative of the First World War was planned it was also nice to see a good selection of glow, petrol and electric, ARTF, kit built and some splendid scratch built aircraft.

It was great to re-acquaint with former members and guests from as far afield as North Devon and The New Forest as well as those closer to home.

Flying was relaxed and fun in the glorious sunshine, lashings of sun cream, sun umbrellas and hats being an essential addition to the afternoon.

Despite the wind direction and on occasion gusts in the wind there were no mishaps or incidents with everyone enjoying the relaxed flying atmosphere which is so key to the success of Bath SpaRCS.

Thank you to everyone for making this such a Special Day.