Welcome to Bath Spa Radio Control Society Website

Bath Spa RCS was formed by an enthusiastic group of model flyers in 1968.

We are a small friendly club that flies fixed wing power and electric models from two sites on the outskirts of Bath. In the winter months between November and April we fly indoor models in a local village hall.

The outdoor locations offer both grass and tarmac landing areas and are suitable for all model types ranging from small electric through to large IC powered models. Large models can be flown from both sites. There is restricted flying of gas turbine powered models.

From the grass site we can fly on any day of the week and members regularly use the site both during the week and as expected at weekends. The tarmac site is usually available during the evenings and most weekends during school holidays.

Bath SpaRCS is affiliated to the BMFA and supports the BMFA achievement scheme. In accordance with legislation covering the operation of model aircraft, all members are required to be CAA registered. Full details of the requirements can be found on the BMFA website, to find out more about the scheme  click here ! 

If you’re interested in joining us, or would like more information then please fill in our online form here